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Figures (Supporting)
Dir. Z. Sumney

All In

David (Lead)

Dir. Z. Sumney

Spirit's Revenge

Arnet (Supporting)

Dir. T. Barnes

Buffoon (Short)

Dave/Blitzer (Lead)

Dir. Carter Bowden

Donut Dudes

Diner (Extra)

Dir. James Theyer

The Mask of Alex Grealey

Doctor (Supporting)

Dir. D. Graham

;IGY6 Tributes and Memorials


Dir. C.L.Herod

Redirection (Short)

Gregg (Supporting)

Dir. C.L. Herod

Flunked (Short)

Adam (Lead)

Dir. Ryan Boyce

Getting It

Jerry (Supporting)

Dir. Tom Heard


Yuri  (Supporting)

Dir. Laura Herring

Simmer (Short)

Guard (Extra)

Dir. Owen Schwartzbard

Writer's Block

Nurse (Extra)

Sharp Town Productions

The Pizzagate Massacre

Militia Man (Featured)

Dir. John Valley

Morning Sketch (Short)

Writer (Lead)

Dir. J.M. Zarate


2am Lullaby (Short)

6th St Catcaller (Supporting)

​Dir. Sean Schiavolin

Noir (Short)

Porn Director (Supporting)

​Dir. Ben Bolt

Everywhere the Signs

Cal (Supporting)

​Dir. Jefferey Peterson - Garaged Weller Studios

American Woman

Tattoo Guy (Featured)

Dir. Alex Hardcastle

Another Place

Nate (Lead)

Dir. Sunny Cal


Bates (Supporting)

​Dir. Alex Oas

Texas Cotton

Diner Patron (Extra)

Dir. Tyler Russell - Delmore Movie Productions LLC


Demon (Supporting)

Dir. Ken Morales - Empyrean MP

The Barber (Short)

Henchman (Supporting)

Dir. James Jones

Clairvoyant (Short)

Husband (Supporting)

Dir. Cassie Coker

Scandal (Short)

Neo-Nazi (Supporting_

Dir. Samuel Ali

Simply Complicated 

News Reporter (Supporting)

Dir. Michael Prince

This Film is About a Suburu (Short)

Jake (Lead)

Dir. Evander Lang

Bed of Sorrow (Short)

Greg (Supporting)

Dir. Taylor Renfro

Impressions (Short)

Partygoer (Featured)

Dir. Chinwe Okorie


General Store Owner (Supporting) 

Dir. Bentley Mitchum 


Half White 

Russian Agent 2 (Supporting)

Dir. Raaw Horan - Madari Studios 

Gone With the Devil (Short)

Calvin (Supporting)

Dir. Edward Montez - Montez Media      

The Good From the Bad  (Short) 

Ira (Lead)   

Dir. Edward Tyndall - Mobius Films  

The Choice (Short) 

Pierce  (Supporting) 

Dir. Jake Gonzales - Gonzalez Films

The Doctor's Prison Cell

Jakov Bienenfeld (Supporting)

Dir. Nikola Knez - iFilms LLC 


Locked Up - Sam Hunt

Stars & Stripes - Creed Fisher

Self - Veteran (Featured)

Hell Yeah -Little Big Town

Dancer (Featured)

Pissed - Mickie James

Husband (Lead)

Shelby Conquest

Swear By Tonight - Reeve Stimpson

Bartender (Lead)

Reeve Stimpson

Never A Good Time - NOTD & The Band Camino

Audience Member (Featured)

Dreambear LLC


Good Love - Shy Carter

Struggling Man (Principal)

Hawley Media

Fist Through This Town - Charlie Worsham

Bar Patron (Extra)

Hawley Media

Good When It's Gone - The Roads Below

Soldier (Principal)

Roman A/V, LLC

TN Online Handgun Course

CCL Handgun Instructor (Principal)

Pamela King

One of Them Girls - Lee Brice

Veteran/Dancer (Featured)

Dir. Ryan Smith

Over Drinking - Little Big Town

Country Man (Extra)

Focused Eye Productions

Frozen Wings

Abusive Dad (Principal)

​Dir. David Graham

Vera Health: Jessica Explainer

Mark 1 (Principal)

​Gamma Blast Studios

It's Only You - Joel Hernandez

Door Man (Principal)

Dir. Rain Chavez


Office Worker (Extra)

Dir. Jill Aske

Steven A Cohen Veterans Network 

Veteran (Principal)

Dir. Rami Cohen


Employee (Principal)



MS Production Management

Heath (Principal)

Dir. Dick Bellows - 4PM

Warm and Pretty Lies - Afflicted By Design

Husband (Principal)

Dir. Ken Morales - Empyrean MP

Friend Zone - Luchador Libre

Partygoer (Principal)

Dir. Morgan Bond - Camlock Productions

Dancing In Space      

Christopher (Principal)

Dir. Jilissa Cotten - Island Dance Company  

You Don't Own Me (Student Project)

 Zombie (Principal)

Dir. Dante Williams  - Texas A&M University Corpus Christi


Embracing Accusations    

Satan (Principal)

Dir. Aaron Hernandez - Church Unlimited


Blacks Buildings

Model (Principal)

GSF Media

Auto Collections of Murfreesboro

Model (Principal)

GSF Media

HHS Marketing

Patient (Principal)

Dir. Elena Sprick - Hospital Housekeeping Systems


Model (Principal)

Dir. Laura Moreno - Boots-N-Britches


Apple Music: Hardy ft Lainey WIlson

Hardy (Stand In)

Nashville, TN

Apple Music: Little Big Town

Phillip Sweet (Stand In)

Nashville, TN

Chrisley Knows Best

Bowler (Featured)

All3Media America

Tell Me a Story

Kyle (Stand In)/Party Guest (Featured)/Soccer Player (Featured)

CBS All Access

Arizona Circle

T-Rex/SWAT (Featured)

Rooster Teeth


Murder Made Me Famous

Dr. Leroy Smith (Principal)

Dir. Brad Osborne - AMS Pictures


UFOs: The Lost Evidence (S2)

DARPA (Featured)

Dir. Jonny Mars - Megalomedia, Inc.


Kerry (Stand In)/Office Worker (Featured)

Dir. Anna Dokoza


The Vigilantes

Viper/Chris (Principal)

Dir. Aaron Hammonds

Public Displays of Insanity

Frankie (Principal)

Dir. Christine W. Chen - Carbon Based Films

The Son (S2E3)

Soldier/Townsman (Featured)

AMC & Mad Hatter Entertainment

Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters  E706

Christopher (Featured)

Dir. Brandon Adamek - Wilma TV, Inc.

Lisk (Pilot)

Man (Featured)

Dir. Jonny Mars - Megalomedia, Inc.

Hell Below 

Naval Pilot (Principal)

Dir. Ian Herring - Parallax Films Productions

Medal of Honor (Pilot)

PFC Lucas Robinson (Principal)

Blaze Brothers Productions

The Dire Show

Veteran (Principal)

Dir. Todd Boddy 



Mechanic (Principal)


Evolve Pet Food

Dog Owner (Principal)

Parachute Media

Steven A Cohen Veterans Network

Couple (Principal)

Jill Aske

Envision Healthcare

Radiologist (Principal)

Production Cartel


Customer (Featured)


Texas Tourism

Concert Attendee (Featured)

Slingshot, LLC

Facebook/Snapchat Commercial

Customer (Principal)

Dir. Zach Collins


Ed Hicks Imports

Customer (Featured)

Automotive Advertising Agency

Ed Hicks Infinity

Salesman (Featured)

Automotive Advertising Agency

Ed Hicks Nissan

Customer (Featured)

Automotive Advertising Agency

Budlight (Bottle)

Cornhole Player (Principal)

Golden Heart Films


Spectator (Extra)

BBDO New York



Cowboys Fan (Extra)

Moxie Pictures

United Way PSA

Drill Sergeant (Principal)

Dir. Bongani Mlambo  - United Way


Customer (Principal)

Dir. Laura Moreno - Boots-N-Britches

Politics Spirits & Games   

Bartender (Principal)

Dir. Raul Melendez  - Politics Spirits & Games


Black Ophelia

Heavy Metal Hamlet

Dir. Lainie Marsh - Looby Theater, Nashville TN

Timberlake Murder Mystery

Rusty Waters

Dir. Dan Danielowski - Timber Lake Playhouse, Mt. Carroll IL

Deck Series


Dir. Michael McBride - Timber Lake Playhouse, Mt. Carroll IL

Liberty, Equality, and Fireworks

Lunch Server/et al

Dir. Judy Matetzschk-Campbell - Pollyanna Theatre Company, Austin TX

The Hole Puncher

Detective B

Dir. Joy Lin - FronteraFest, Austin TX

Our Town

Sam Craig/et al

Dir. Matthew Shead - The City Theatre Company, Austin TX

Liberty, Equality, and Fireworks

Lunch Server/et al

Dir. Judy Matetzschk-Campbell - Pollyanna Theatre Company, Austin TX



Dir. Chase Welsh - Lighthouse Theatre Company, Georgetown TX

A Moon of My Own

Dad/et al

Dir. Judy Matetzschk-Campbell - Pollyanna Theatre Company, Austin TX

Romeo & Juliet  


Dir. Daniel Anderson - Dead Creek Theatre Company, Corpus Christi TX

Keely and Du


Dir. Judy Adams - Wilson Theatre, Corpus Christi TX


Football Player      

Dir. Gabriel Parker, III - Wilson Theatre, Corpus Christi TX    

Really Really


Dir. Joshua Kelt - Warren Theatre, Corpus Christi TX



Dir. Freddy Acevedo - Wilson Theatre, Corpus Christi TX

One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest  


Dir. Frank Montero - Warren Theatre, Corpus Christi TX


Amycus/et al

Dir. Kelly Russell - Warren Theatre, Corpus Christi TX



Dir. Daniel Anderson - Dead Creek Theatre Company, Corpus Christi TX           

Nightmare of OZ  


Dir. Michael Verderber - Zero Untitled Films, Corpus Christi TX              


The Logician/Dudard   

Dir. Brian West - Warren Theatre, Corpus Christi TX                  

Stolen Wings Pt 2  

Dr. Klitchko/Man                

Dir. Danielle Muniz - Warren Theatre, Corpus Christi TX



Dir. Dr. Terry Lewis - Warren Theatre, Corpus Christi TX

Whitney's Scarf    

Matt Montgomery                     

Dir. Michael Zaiontz - Wilson Theatre, Corpus Christi TX

Stolen Wings      


Dir. Danielle Muniz - Wilson Theatre, Corpus Christi TX


Southern Plumbing Works (Commercial)


Nashville, TN


American Immersion Theater: Murder Mystery Company


Nashville, TN


Joker's WIld


Corpus Christi, TX

Islander Improv​


Corpus Christi, TX

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